My name is Daniel Jacob Behnke and I’m graduating in May with an AAS in Applied Arts and Sciences from RIT. That may sound confusing but basically I was studying Computational Mathematics before realizing that I really missed working with my hands. Luckily RIT has a program that allowed me to take the credits I gained in pursuit of my BS and use them to attain an AAS. At Monroe Community College my courses would’ve gotten me a math degree or I’m about two classes away from a computer science degree. I also elected to take some really difficult physics classes that really opened up my eyes to some engineering disciplines that I never considered too much before.

Now I am looking to start a career in the trades in order to build a solid base to move forward. I have worked many jobs in my life so far and I know that even the dirtiest, most difficult jobs that exist are fulfilling as long as you’re doing them with a solid team.

If you have an opportunity you’d like to discuss, please email me at [email protected]